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This weekend....

was a BLAST! I had the greatest time! Friday night Eric and I went to see my best friend Pete's band (Krypto-Jet) open up for American Hi Fi. They were really REALLY good! They had some minor sound problems, but everything seemed to work out in the end. They were swarmed by people asking for autographs and such. I really think that they are going to go far! So proud of my Petey!

On Saturday, Eric and I pretty much hung around all day....just going here and there. Nothing too special...a nice relaxing day together. We went for a walk on the boardwalk and then later we went driving around to look at Christmas lights....some people jsut go too crazy with these lights. Its unbelievable! Then he and I went to Bar A. Quite an interesting night.......Here are some pics!

Kat and Mesha

Bad Pic

'Hey Eric....Look at that!'

It WOULD have been a cute pic....


Evil Kitty!

One of my four Tats!

SOOOOO....that was Saturday night....needless to say, Eric woke up hugging the toilet on Sunday morning and I couldnt eat anything until about 2pm. We were a tad messy! HAHA!

Sunday after we started feeling a little better, we went shopping to get the last of my Christmas presents for my family. I realize that I have put absolutely no thought into the gifts that I bought this year, and it is so sad to see that not many people are into the Holiday Spirit this year. The malls arent packed as they should be and it just doesnt seem like Christmas at all. I guess we are all still healing......

Anyhoo...so then we went back to my house to wrap gifts and hang with Grams for a little while and watch the first half of the Skins game...they proceeded to take a dump on the field...I AM NOT HAPPY! So we went to get BBQ Chicken for dinner and pick up the money that Eric won for last weeks football pool....then we were off to go bowling! I didnt bowl too well last night....high score for me was a 137. BLAH! Oh well.....

Well, that was my weekend..... :)
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