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Its been a loooooooooooong time....

I need to start updating again....there is so much that I want to write about, but just no time.....UGH! I will just start right here and right now and if any of you have any questions about who is who and what is what, just ask me....I am not going to go into any lengthy details.

So anyhoo....times have been wonderful...I loved being single and made the most out of it....I hate having to answer to people....BLAH. So the singleness is now over, and I guess that you could say that I have moved on to greener pastures....this was something that was quite unexpected and kind of hit me like a freight train. My friend Pete has been trying to hook me up with his friend for forever! So we finally did it on our own....no pressure....now we are inseperable. So great! :) I am very happy. I love my Eric.

I am still living with Grams, although I think that it is almost time to move out. She tried to GROUND me the other night! I am 23 years old.....WHEN DOES THE GROUNDING STOP???? LOL! She is really losing it! Every time I turn around she is mad at me for something. RAH! It gets so irritating!!!!!!! For example....she had her tile done the other day, and because they left the kitchen a mess it was MY FAULT! I had NOTHING to do with it! She's looney!

So I have decided to post some pictures of bar nights.....quite fun..... :)

Little Kat Backpack

Tracy, Kat, and Gleny

Kat and Mesha




So that is just a taste of Bar A. LOL! Randy wants me to post the thong.....but I dont know about that. :)
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