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I was just not in the mood to post yesterday. I had all the time in the world and was complaining about how bored I was, but I just didnt feel like typing anything. Not like I have anything to type anyhow......

This weekend was okay....pretty uneventful. Friday I was going to go bowling, but just didnt feel up to it, so I stayed in with Eric. Saturday Eric and I helped my Grams pack all of her stuff in her car and get the big stuff out of the way for her before her trip. Then we went back to his house and got ready for his show...he started to feel real flu-like and was getting nervous...we thought that it would just be nervous energy, but it wasnt....he is now laying in my bed sick as a dog. Poor thing. I hate when people are sick. *sigh* So anyhow...they played a really good gig on Saturday night. I started the mailing list which I think is going to help a lot. I AM SO DAMN SMART I CANT TAKE IT! LOL! So on Sunday, my grams left for 2 months for South America...I have the whole house to myself! So far so good. I even cooked last night...I never cook....I CANT cook...but everything turned out awesome. Just a little common sense I guess. I watched football all day Sunday....the Jets game was GREAT! Skins won too! Giants sucked ass! HAHA! I took care of Eric all day....and yesterday too....I am going to be such an annoying mother.

So, I have a question for you guys.....today is a friend's birthday...not a close friend, but an aquaintence that I have know for 2 months.....I am supposed to go to Bar A tonight to celebrate with her, but Eric is sick and I want to stay home and make sure that he is going to be okay...I am also a little sniffly. Should I suck it up and go for an hour, or just stay home in case I am sick and take care of E?
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