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So yeah....I'm tired today! YUCKY POO! Didnt do much last night. I decided to actually stay home and have dinner with Grams which was nice. She really appreciated me staying for dinner. I feel bad that she never gets to see me anymore. I skipped out at about 7pm and went over to Eric's house.

We just hung out until 930pm and then went up to Red Bank for his band practice. I had talked to Drae's girlfriend, Shannon, about going to practice with me and she did. We went to Dunkin Donuts during the first hour of practice because sometimes staying in the practice room for 2 hours gets to be too much. I really liked hanging out with her. Its rare to have a boyfriend who's friend has a cool girlfriend for me to hang out with. We just chatted it up all night at Dunks and then went back to practice.

They sounded really good last night, and I think that they are going to have a killer performance at the Brighton tomorrow night. I am very excited for them! I made up a mailing list and set up a new email account for them....which they are very grateful to me for. Now I get to run around with a stupid clipboard during the show. It really isnt my idea of a good time, but anything that can help the band I am happy to do......maybe it will eventually pay someday. LOL!

Tonight we are all going bowling. Eric and I are getting really good and I think that we are all going to start a League together. Its usually me, Eric, Drae, Shannon and Pete that go and our games are pretty good since we go at LEAST twice a week. It should be fun to be on a league.

Tomorrow night I have Eric's show. All day tomorrow we have to help Grams to get ready for her 2 month trip. She leaves on Sunday and I cant wait! No curfew...I dont have to sleep at home...and Eric can come and spend the night anytime he wants to.....I am also going to have a little party for my birthday...which should be interesting.

Sunday is just football day as usual....I love watching football...especially the REDSKINS! I know that they have no shot this year, but they did make an awesome comeback which is more than I can say for SOME teams!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and be safe!
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