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I hope that everyone had a great New Year's Eve! I didnt do much...just went out to dinner with the parents and then home with Eric.....smoked a few bowls and just chilled and spent quality time with my baby! It was nice to spend a quiet evening alone.

Well my vacation was fun! I love going to see my parents! I ended up coming home Thursday instead of Sunday because they were going to be coming up here on Saturday so I figured that i would take advantage and stay with Eric for a couple of days. That was so nice! :) I know that its really soon, but he asked me to move in with him.....we'll see what happens. I am seriously thinking about it. We are always together anyhow...so I think that it would be more beneficial than not.

Anyways....I didnt get much for xmas...just money which is always a BONUS! I love getting money! Although, it has all been spent already. *sigh* I did get some nice stuff though.

Grandmama is leaving on Monday for 2 months! You dont KNOW how long I have been waiting for her to just high-tail it out of here! I cant wait to be alone. Its a hassle as it is going over to Eric's house without 20 million questions. THis will be a blessing!

Nothing much has been going on though. Pretty boring....cant wait to get out of here today! WORK SUCKS! TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!
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