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I am going to have to make this short since LJ screwed up my whole day. I usually update in the morning, but NO...they had to be screwy this morning. WHATEVER!

Anyhoo....last night was nothing special...work sucked as usual and I have tons of stuff to do before I am off all next week.

So after dinner at Piancones with the family we went to see the xmas lights at PNC Bank Arts Center. Before that my grams wanted to go see some homemade dinosaurs or something and we got really lost, which made me all freaked out because I was driving. One person was telling me to go one way while the other was telling me the total opposite. I had to pull over and smoke a cig becuase everyone was yelling. I HATE BACKSEAT DRIVERS! So we went to see the lights...big whoop!

So...my night was really blah, but tonight will be much better. Eric and I are going to see Lord of the Rings, courtesy of DAD! I cant wait...I have had a hellish 2 nights.
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