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Sooooooooo tired.....

I think that this lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. I havent been going to bed until 230am every night for the past month and I think that I have finally hit bottom and am ready for a good nights sleep for once! I am really looking forward to being in bed at 11pm.

My mother and her husband are coming today for 2 days. We are going to celebrate our Christmas tonight since they will be in Connecticut and I will be in Virginia with my dad. I know that this sounds horrible, but I really dont want them to come. I get so bored and just dont want to be around them. BLAH! Theyre cutting into my social calendar, dammit! LOL

I didnt really do much last night. Eric and I went out to dinner and then just hung out....played scrabble and then Pete came over. Thats about it. Nothing special. Now I wont see him for 2 days. In the past month, I have seen him every day except for one.....*sigh* Then I have to leave him for a whole week next week. Oh well. It'll go fast!

Thats all I have for now......back to work....
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