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Been a long time......but I have been in a fog.....

Here is something that I wrote today after returning from NYC last night. I just wanted to document everything that happened....not like I would ever forget, but its nice to be able to read......enjoy.

It was a beautiful day on 9-11-01...the last warm day of summer I might add. As I got into my car to head to work I had a feeling that this was much too perfect of a day, something is going to go wrong. I could just feel in my heart that something terribly wrong was going to happen, I just didnt know what.

I arrived at work at 8am as I always do, checked all my email accounts and picked up the mass quantities of papers from my inbox on my boss's desk. I flashed him my big good morning smile and went on my way. By now it was 8:45 or so and I realized that I needed to pull something out of the file cabinet that is just outside my office.

A woman that I work with and myself were rummaging through the file cabinet, talking about life, when one of the Analysts ran out of his office and told us that an airplane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. We somewhat shrugged him off, thinking that it was one of his usual practical jokes that he so often plays. 'Quit crying wolf', I said to him as I smiled and went back to what I was doing in the previous moments before. 'I'm serious', he responded while Denise shot him a 'thats not funny' look. He briskly walked over and grabbed both of our arms and huddled us around his radio and started to listen intently to the news report.

Tears stung my eyes as the report rambled on, informing the Citizens of the United States of America, that we were now under attack.

I ran frantically to the phone to contact my father, and as I did so, turned the radio on to 102.7 WNEW to listen further. I have never felt more comforted in my life at the moment I heard my father's voice on the phone. 'Did you hear what happened?', I babbled out breathlessly, and when his response was a quick, 'no', I proceeded to tell him in complete detail as to what happened that morning. My father works in Washington, DC and has offices in Crystal City, just blocks from the Pentagon, but at that moment we did not know that the Pentagon was the next target. 'Daddy, someone is doing this intentionally, and if I am right, be careful because DC is their next target if they get that far. Take care of you, I love you.' and I hung up.

In the course of speaking with my father for that short time, I had been informed that the second tower of the WTC had been hit. With my face white, I turned to a co-worker for comfort and strength, as I could not find it within me to do for myself. I had at that moment realized that one of my friends worked in Tower 2 WTC on the 105th floor. My heart hit the floor.

As I sat and listened intently, we then learned that the Pentagon was hit. The thoughts that were going through my head were those of hopelessness and despair. I ran to the phone again and tried to call my father, but to no avail. I tried to email, no answer. My body and mind went into a panic.

A couple of us from the office went across the street to watch it on TV, one on each side of me as I wept uncontrollably, comforting me as we walked. As soon as we set foot into the conference room, we saw the first tower fall. As the tower fell, I fell to my knees in utter disbelief. 'My friend works there', I sobbed while burying my head in my hands. Not even a hug could diminish the ache I felt inside my heart. I about died.

All I could think about were my friend and my father. Where were they? Were they safe? When will I hear from them, if ever again?

We got back to the office and I tried to phone my father again, and again, no luck. I was then told to go home, so I called my friend to come pick me up, since I was in no condition to drive, and she did.

I sat at home glued to the TV set, phone in my hand, waiting for some sort of word from my Dad or anyone who would know that he was okay. Finally, the phone rang at 2am.....He was okay! The feeling of relief was quickly replaced by sadness when the reality of everything sunk in once again. I still had not heard from my friend who worked in the WTC......and still have not. God rest her soul.

I cannot express to you or anyone, the images that are burned in my mind from that day. The images of the towers burning, falling, mass destruction everywhere. The sight of the Pentagon, the epicenter of our great nation, collapsed. Someone had taken away our innocence, our hearts were ripped out of our chests as we watched our great nation come under attack and we knew that life as we knew it, would never be the same.

Yet, as Americans, the values and lessons that we have learned, we bounced back and showed the true meaning of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...and for that, I am proud to be an American.

To all my fellow Americans, GOD BLESS YOU!
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