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La Dee Fuckin Dah!

1) Full name: Katherine Anastasia Sheridan
2) Birthday: 01/17/78
3) Last time you showered: This morning
What color pants do you have on right now?: Black
4) What is the last thing you said?: 'a #3 plain with a coke'
5) What is the color of your computer desk?: Brown wood
6) What song are you listening to right now?: A girl like you
7) Last 4 digits in your phone #:5695
8) Last thing you ate: #3 from McDonalds
9) Weirdest name you have ever heard: Dorkus
10) Fav. radio station: 92.3 K-Rock
11) If you were a crayon, what color would you be: Green-blue
12) Last movie you saw: In the movies, Lord of the Rings, on video, The Compleat Beatles
13) Where do you wanna go on your honeymoon: Anywhere because we are never going to leave the room so it doesnt matter
14) Have you ever really been in love?: yes
15) Who do you wanna marry right now?: Eric....and oh yes I will!
16) Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
17) Do you have a pager?: nopers
18) Lava lamp?: No, but my 7 yr old brother does
19) What's the weather?: Cold but sunny...definately a drive around stoned with Bob blaring!
20) Brandy or Monica?: Monica....Brandy is too girly
21) What did you do last night?: Had dinner with Grams....went to band practice with Eric...had me some lovin!
22) Have you ever been skinny dipping?: countless times...I like to be nakey!
23) Who are you talking to online right now?: Randy
24) Full name backwards: nadirehs aisatsana enirehtak
25) Screen name: cherrillicious
27) Sexiest thing about the opposite sex: the way they look at you
28) If you had a genie.what wishes would you make?: Thats a hard question...I'll get back to you on that one
29) Fav. CD: Linkin Park (just for the week though, it'll change soon)
30) Where ya going tomorrow?: Helping Grams get her stuff together for her trip...looking at apartments with Eric....going to Eric's show
31) Who do you most admire?: My Father....he made so much out of himself after starting from nothing with a 5 year old daughter
32) Fav. band: Tool
33) Would you pierce your nose, tongue, or bellybutton?:Belly is pierced and want nothing else done...well except for the ears...
34) Be serious or funny?: little of both
35) Boxers or briefs?: COMMANDO *lol*
36) Whole or Skim Milk?: Whole
37) Single or taken?:If you dont know I am taken by now, youre really stupid....KILL YOURSELF...TWICE!
38) Simple or complicated?: Complicated
39) Grey or Gray?: Grey
40) Night or Day?: Night...because I'm not working :)
41) Color or black-and-white photos?: either or...as long as I am in them HAHA
42) Sunrise or Sunset?: both....depends on the mood..they are both special times
43)Rap or Rock?:ROCK ROCK ROCK!
44) Stay up late or get up early?: Stay up late and get up early...do it every day
45) Bath or shower?: Depends on if someone is joining you
47) X's or O's in Tic-Tac-Toe?: X's
48) Eat an apple or an orange?: orange
49) Tall or short guys/girls?: Taller than I but not too much taller
50) Emerald or ruby?: Emerald
51) Pants or shorts?: Pants
52) Left or right?: Right
53) 10 acquaintances or 1best friend?: 1 best friend
54) Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?: neopolitan...the best of both worlds with a little strawberry thrown in the mix
55) Low fat or fat free?: Low fat
56) hair in pony tail or leave it down?: depends on how the hair looks that day
57) Silver jewelry or gold jewelry?: Silver
58) Kids or no kids?: Kids
59) Dogs or cats?: Both
60) Half full or half empty? Just drink the damn thing!
61) Mustard or Ketchup?: MUSTARD!
62) Hardcover books or soft cover books?:Soft
63) Newspaper or magazine?: Magazine...then you dont get those black stains on your fingers
64) Catsup or Ketchup?: niether...I hate Ketchup/Catsup either way
65) Sandals or sneakers?: BAREFOOT
66) Wonder or amazement?: Wonder
67) Red car or white car?: white...GOOOO MABLE!
68) Happy and poor or rich and sad?: happy and poor....like I am right now :)
69) Singing or dancing?: dancin n singin...they go hand in hand
70) Hug or kiss?: depends on who its coming from
71) Corduroy or plaid?: cords
72) Happy or sad?: Happy
73) Live or die?: Live
74) Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?: Matt....Ben looks as if he has too much tartar
75) Braces?: Had them for three years...would rather not go through it again.
76) Fav movie: Pretty Woman, Eddie and the Cruisers, Mallrats, LA Confidential
77) Fav. Drink: Mountain Dew or Spiced Chai
78) Fav. Actor: Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey
79) Fav. Actress: Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie
80) Fav. Singer/song writer: The Discontent
81) Fav. Musical Group: Didnt I answer this in the fave band question?
82) Fav. Car: Protege
83) Fav. T.V show?: Simpsons, King of the Hill, CSI, 24, Dawsons, Felicity
84) What color hair do you prefer for the opposite sex?: Brown
85) Fav. #?: 23
86) Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
87) Fav. store in the mall: Brookstone, Express
89) Siblings?: Yes
90) How many?: 1
91) Least fav. subject in school: Dont go to school! :-P
92) Which of your friends has the best taste?: Jenn D.
93) Fav color?: Yellow, orange and light blue
94) Fav ice cream: Chocolate
95) Do You smoke?: Yuppers
96)Would you bring someone back from the dead?: No....RIP
97) If so, who?:
98) Would You travel to the future?: and ruin it??? no way!
99) Would You travel back in time?: yes
100) Paper or Plastic?: both.....paper bag in the plastic bag
101) Truth or Dare?: Dare
102) Ocean or Pool?: Ocean...I live a block away :)
103) When was ur last kiss: about 2am
104) Who was ur last kiss: Eric
105) Black or White: be like Michael Jackson....it dont matter!
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