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Another Day Another Dollar

Work sucks! I dont know how many times I say that and nothing gets better. People here are always on my ass for one thing or another. I know that I could do better, but for what they are paying me, I dont think that its really worth my time. I have been putting my resume out to a lot of other companies, but so far I havent gotten any bites. I just need to make more money. I was even thinking about moving to NYC with Eric in April. I have a job for sure there, so who knows. It seems that everything is up in the air right now. I can even move back to DC and get a job working with my Aunt. I am just playing things by ear right now.

Nothing much went on last night. I went over to Eric's house after work, but he was at guitar center with Pete. I started dinner and made Fajitas and he loved it! I was so excited because I am NOT a cook...and for someone to actually like something that I made is amazing. :)

We just sat around and watched TV and got stoned...just like always. He had to go to band practice at 11pm and I decided to go home and turn in early. It was nice to have a good nights sleep for once! I feel so refreshed!

Tonight I promised Grams that I was going to have dinner with her....so I wont be seeing Eric until later. I think that he has band practice again tonight from 11pm-1am which I think that I am going to go to. I love going to his practices...its like they are putting on a private show for me. I told grams that I was going to go bowling at around 8pm, but I think that I am going to skip it and go to band practice....maybe Eric and I can go bowling from 9pm-1030pm...its only a quarter a game tonight. We'll see what happens.

He and I have made a decision to move in together at the beginning of August. I have discussed it with my Dad, Kerry and Grams and they are all for it. I havent told my mother yet, for the simple fact that she is so far up the Lord's ass that she doesnt remember all of the 'un-holy' things that she has done in her life. If she doesnt like it....FUCK IT.
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