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Monday, February 11th, 2002
9:32 am - OOOOOO LA LA!

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Monday, January 14th, 2002
2:21 pm - Yet another stolen survey....
[[ Name ]] - Katherine
[[ Nicknames, including from family ]] - Kat, KAS, Kitty, Hot Baby, Punchernella, Snickersnee
[[ Birthday ]] - 1/17/78
[[ Age ]] - 23
[[ Astrological sign? ]] - Capricorns ROCK
[[ Chinese zodiac sign? ]] - depends on if youre looking at the REAL Chinese Calendar....SNAKE
[[ Location ]] - Sea Girt, NJ
[[ Sexual Preference ]] - BOYS BOYS BOYS
[[ Marital Status ]] - single
[[ Current Haircolor ]] - Blonde Highlights
[[ Eyecolor... W/ & W/O contacts ]] - blue
[[ Height ]] - 5'3
[[ Weight ]] - 112
[[ Parents still together? ]] - nope....dad AND mom on third marriages
[[ Siblings? ]] - brother
[[ Nieces/Nephews? ]] - none yet
[[ Kids of your own? ]] - noooo
[[ Grandkids? ]] - noooo
[[ Pets? ]] - Poopie (cat) Nancy (fish)...she killed Sid
[[ In school/graduated? ]] - flunked out of college
[[ Rent, lease, or own your home? ]] - rent
[[ What do you do for work? ]] - Corporate Information Technology Buyer for a major health system
[[ How much do you make? ]] - ummmm.....I will never make enough
[[ Have any credit cards? ]] - nope thank god
[[ AmEx? ]] - Credit Cards are the devil!
[[ Can I use em for a few days? ]] - not even if I had one
[[ What do you drive? ]] - '01 Mazda Protege
[[ Black and White/Color ]] - White
[[ Black/White ]] - white
[[ Red/Blue ]] - Red
[[ Dogs/Cats ]] - Here Kitty Kitty Kitty
[[ Roses/Daisies ]] - Daisies....everyone should know that about me
[[ Beer/Liquor ]] - beer....liquor gets me in trouble
[[ Boxers/Briefs boxers, I dont wear either...but for a guy...it better be boxers or commando...no tighty whiteys jumpin in my bed
[[ Hair: Short/Long ]] - short or long on girls
[[ Boots/Shoes ]] - boots
[[ Food: Mexican/Italian ]] - hmmmm...thats a toughy....I'll have to say italian....but I LOVE Mexican
[[ Dark/Light ]] - dark
[[ Day/Night ]] - cant have one without the other
[[ City/Country ]] - either or....depends on how stoned I am
[[ Sheets: Solid/Animal Prints *rawr* ]] - solid

[[ Color ]] - yellow and pink
[[ Animal ]] - kitties
[[ Vehicle ]] - 4-Runner or a Tribute
[[ Flower ]] - Daisies
[[ Beer ]] - yummmies Coors Light or Corona
[[ Liquor ]] - Blackhaus
[[ Soda ]] - Coke or Mountain Dew DO THE DEW
[[ Food ]] - italian, chinese
[[ Book ]] - Reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
[[ Author ]] - Mary Higgins Clark
[[ Band ]] - TOOL
[[ CD ]] - Aenemia
[[ Song ]] - Lover Lay Down- Dave Matthews
[[ Movie ]] - Heathers, Friday, The Dark Crystal, Labrynth, Seven[[ Country ]] - USA 4ever
[[ State ]] - AZ
[[ City ]] - NYC
[[ School Subject ]] - anything with computers
[[ Movie genre ]] - ALL
[[ Extracurricular Activity ]] - BOWLING

Do you...
[[ Color your hair? ]] - yup
[[ Have tattoos? ]] - yup
[[ Piercings? ]] - yup
[[ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ]] - Boyfriend
[[ Floss daily? ]] - nope
[[ Own a webcam? ]] - nope
[[ Ever get off the damn computer? ]] - at 5pm
[[ Sprechen Sie Deutcsh? ]] - I know what it means, but no, I do not speak Dutch
[[ Hablar Espanol? ]] - si, y tu?
[[ Quack? Quack quack? ]] - you are what you eat

Have you...
[[ Gotten a speeding ticket? ]] - yup
[[ How fast? ]] - 90 in a 65
[[ DUI? ]] - almost but got away with a 'non-proof of insurance' ticket
[[ Been in a wreck? ]] - too many that werent my fault
[[ Been arrested? ]] - yup
[[ Stolen a car? ]] - no
[[ Stolen anything? ]] - yup and got caught in 7th grade
[[ Smoke? ]] - yup
[[ Pot? ]] - of course
[[ Crack? ]] - just say no
[[ Drink? ]] - too much
[[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ]] - yup
[[ Been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? ]] - yup
[[ Posed for nude pics? ]] - nope
[[ Considered a life of crime? ]] - nope
[[ Considered being a hooker? ]] - no, but my mother is
[[ Maybe a pimp? ]] - speaking of which...I need to make a deposit
[[ Cheated on someone? ]] - yes....just to get even
[[ Been married? ]] - nope
[[ Been divorced? ]] - noooooooo

Are you psycho?
[[ Split personalities? ]] - nope
[[ Schizophrenic? ]] - no
[[ Obsessive? ]] - sometimes
[[ Compulsive? ]] - sometimes
[[ Obsessive Compulsive? ]] - well if you put 2 and 2 together
[[ Panic? ]] - nah
[[ Anxiety? ]] - nah
[[ Depressed? ]] - yep
[[ Suicidal? ]] - maybe after this dumbass survey I will be
[[ Homicidal? ]] - n0o.
[[ Genocidal? ]] - nope
[[ Pedophile? ]] - ew no.
[[ Obsessed with hate? ]] - nope
[[ Mutilate animals? ]] - NOOOOOOOO
[[ Idolize infamous criminals? ]] - no
[[ Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? ]] - Why Georgie youve gone mad!
[[ Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? ]] - you really have too much time on your hands thinking up this shit

The good stuff...
[[ Had sex outdoors? ]] - yup

Right now...
[[ What are you listening to? ]] - 95.9 WRAT
[[ What are you watching? ]] - this dumbass computer screen
[[ What time is it? ]] - 2:50pm
[[ What are you wearing? ]] - Red Turtle Neck Sweater and Navy Blue Slacks
[[ Wanna cyber? *wink* ]] - no way jose...youre probably a herby pedophile
[[ Hey baby, nice shoes... ]] - you must need them resoled because youve been running through my mind all day
[[ What're you drinking? ]] - Deer Park Water
[[ Eating? ]] - geezus I'm hungry!
[[ Got both hands on the keyboard? ]] - right now yes
[[ You sure bout that? ]] - yes
[[ Who are you talkin to? ]] - was talking to daddy trying to get him to buy me bowling shit for my bday....didnt happen
[[ What other windows do you have open? ]] - AIM, Outlook Express, AMS, bowling site
[[ How bored are you? haha ]] - really bored but glad its three

If you could...
[[ Be anywhere, where would you be? ]] - laying in Eric's water bed
[[ Who would you be with? ]] - lets see....Eric perhaps?
[[ What would you be doin? ]] - NO COMMENT I DONT KISS AND TELL!

current mood: hopeful

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2002
8:50 am - Blah
I was just not in the mood to post yesterday. I had all the time in the world and was complaining about how bored I was, but I just didnt feel like typing anything. Not like I have anything to type anyhow......

This weekend was okay....pretty uneventful. Friday I was going to go bowling, but just didnt feel up to it, so I stayed in with Eric. Saturday Eric and I helped my Grams pack all of her stuff in her car and get the big stuff out of the way for her before her trip. Then we went back to his house and got ready for his show...he started to feel real flu-like and was getting nervous...we thought that it would just be nervous energy, but it wasnt....he is now laying in my bed sick as a dog. Poor thing. I hate when people are sick. *sigh* So anyhow...they played a really good gig on Saturday night. I started the mailing list which I think is going to help a lot. I AM SO DAMN SMART I CANT TAKE IT! LOL! So on Sunday, my grams left for 2 months for South America...I have the whole house to myself! So far so good. I even cooked last night...I never cook....I CANT cook...but everything turned out awesome. Just a little common sense I guess. I watched football all day Sunday....the Jets game was GREAT! Skins won too! Giants sucked ass! HAHA! I took care of Eric all day....and yesterday too....I am going to be such an annoying mother.

So, I have a question for you guys.....today is a friend's birthday...not a close friend, but an aquaintence that I have know for 2 months.....I am supposed to go to Bar A tonight to celebrate with her, but Eric is sick and I want to stay home and make sure that he is going to be okay...I am also a little sniffly. Should I suck it up and go for an hour, or just stay home in case I am sick and take care of E?

current mood: sick

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Friday, January 4th, 2002
1:44 pm - La Dee Fuckin Dah!
1) Full name: Katherine Anastasia Sheridan
2) Birthday: 01/17/78
3) Last time you showered: This morning
What color pants do you have on right now?: Black
4) What is the last thing you said?: 'a #3 plain with a coke'
5) What is the color of your computer desk?: Brown wood
6) What song are you listening to right now?: A girl like you
7) Last 4 digits in your phone #:5695
8) Last thing you ate: #3 from McDonalds
9) Weirdest name you have ever heard: Dorkus
10) Fav. radio station: 92.3 K-Rock
11) If you were a crayon, what color would you be: Green-blue
12) Last movie you saw: In the movies, Lord of the Rings, on video, The Compleat Beatles
13) Where do you wanna go on your honeymoon: Anywhere because we are never going to leave the room so it doesnt matter
14) Have you ever really been in love?: yes
15) Who do you wanna marry right now?: Eric....and oh yes I will!
16) Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
17) Do you have a pager?: nopers
18) Lava lamp?: No, but my 7 yr old brother does
19) What's the weather?: Cold but sunny...definately a drive around stoned with Bob blaring!
20) Brandy or Monica?: Monica....Brandy is too girly
21) What did you do last night?: Had dinner with Grams....went to band practice with Eric...had me some lovin!
22) Have you ever been skinny dipping?: countless times...I like to be nakey!
23) Who are you talking to online right now?: Randy
24) Full name backwards: nadirehs aisatsana enirehtak
25) Screen name: cherrillicious
27) Sexiest thing about the opposite sex: the way they look at you
28) If you had a genie.what wishes would you make?: Thats a hard question...I'll get back to you on that one
29) Fav. CD: Linkin Park (just for the week though, it'll change soon)
30) Where ya going tomorrow?: Helping Grams get her stuff together for her trip...looking at apartments with Eric....going to Eric's show
31) Who do you most admire?: My Father....he made so much out of himself after starting from nothing with a 5 year old daughter
32) Fav. band: Tool
33) Would you pierce your nose, tongue, or bellybutton?:Belly is pierced and want nothing else done...well except for the ears...
34) Be serious or funny?: little of both
35) Boxers or briefs?: COMMANDO *lol*
36) Whole or Skim Milk?: Whole
37) Single or taken?:If you dont know I am taken by now, youre really stupid....KILL YOURSELF...TWICE!
38) Simple or complicated?: Complicated
39) Grey or Gray?: Grey
40) Night or Day?: Night...because I'm not working :)
41) Color or black-and-white photos?: either or...as long as I am in them HAHA
42) Sunrise or Sunset?: both....depends on the mood..they are both special times
43)Rap or Rock?:ROCK ROCK ROCK!
44) Stay up late or get up early?: Stay up late and get up early...do it every day
45) Bath or shower?: Depends on if someone is joining you
47) X's or O's in Tic-Tac-Toe?: X's
48) Eat an apple or an orange?: orange
49) Tall or short guys/girls?: Taller than I but not too much taller
50) Emerald or ruby?: Emerald
51) Pants or shorts?: Pants
52) Left or right?: Right
53) 10 acquaintances or 1best friend?: 1 best friend
54) Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?: neopolitan...the best of both worlds with a little strawberry thrown in the mix
55) Low fat or fat free?: Low fat
56) hair in pony tail or leave it down?: depends on how the hair looks that day
57) Silver jewelry or gold jewelry?: Silver
58) Kids or no kids?: Kids
59) Dogs or cats?: Both
60) Half full or half empty? Just drink the damn thing!
61) Mustard or Ketchup?: MUSTARD!
62) Hardcover books or soft cover books?:Soft
63) Newspaper or magazine?: Magazine...then you dont get those black stains on your fingers
64) Catsup or Ketchup?: niether...I hate Ketchup/Catsup either way
65) Sandals or sneakers?: BAREFOOT
66) Wonder or amazement?: Wonder
67) Red car or white car?: white...GOOOO MABLE!
68) Happy and poor or rich and sad?: happy and poor....like I am right now :)
69) Singing or dancing?: dancin n singin...they go hand in hand
70) Hug or kiss?: depends on who its coming from
71) Corduroy or plaid?: cords
72) Happy or sad?: Happy
73) Live or die?: Live
74) Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?: Matt....Ben looks as if he has too much tartar
75) Braces?: Had them for three years...would rather not go through it again.
76) Fav movie: Pretty Woman, Eddie and the Cruisers, Mallrats, LA Confidential
77) Fav. Drink: Mountain Dew or Spiced Chai
78) Fav. Actor: Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey
79) Fav. Actress: Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie
80) Fav. Singer/song writer: The Discontent
81) Fav. Musical Group: Didnt I answer this in the fave band question?
82) Fav. Car: Protege
83) Fav. T.V show?: Simpsons, King of the Hill, CSI, 24, Dawsons, Felicity
84) What color hair do you prefer for the opposite sex?: Brown
85) Fav. #?: 23
86) Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
87) Fav. store in the mall: Brookstone, Express
89) Siblings?: Yes
90) How many?: 1
91) Least fav. subject in school: Dont go to school! :-P
92) Which of your friends has the best taste?: Jenn D.
93) Fav color?: Yellow, orange and light blue
94) Fav ice cream: Chocolate
95) Do You smoke?: Yuppers
96)Would you bring someone back from the dead?: No....RIP
97) If so, who?:
98) Would You travel to the future?: and ruin it??? no way!
99) Would You travel back in time?: yes
100) Paper or Plastic?: both.....paper bag in the plastic bag
101) Truth or Dare?: Dare
102) Ocean or Pool?: Ocean...I live a block away :)
103) When was ur last kiss: about 2am
104) Who was ur last kiss: Eric
105) Black or White: be like Michael Jackson....it dont matter!

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12:28 pm

Take the Which Beatle Are You? Quiz.

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10:40 am
You're Edward Scissorhands!

You're Shirley Manson!

The Sexy Rock Diva

I am 74% evil.

Wow! I'm almost pure evil! Sin is my way of life. If there is a hell I have packed my bags for the trip.

Are you evil? find out at Hilowitz.com

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10:27 am - *yawn*
So yeah....I'm tired today! YUCKY POO! Didnt do much last night. I decided to actually stay home and have dinner with Grams which was nice. She really appreciated me staying for dinner. I feel bad that she never gets to see me anymore. I skipped out at about 7pm and went over to Eric's house.

We just hung out until 930pm and then went up to Red Bank for his band practice. I had talked to Drae's girlfriend, Shannon, about going to practice with me and she did. We went to Dunkin Donuts during the first hour of practice because sometimes staying in the practice room for 2 hours gets to be too much. I really liked hanging out with her. Its rare to have a boyfriend who's friend has a cool girlfriend for me to hang out with. We just chatted it up all night at Dunks and then went back to practice.

They sounded really good last night, and I think that they are going to have a killer performance at the Brighton tomorrow night. I am very excited for them! I made up a mailing list and set up a new email account for them....which they are very grateful to me for. Now I get to run around with a stupid clipboard during the show. It really isnt my idea of a good time, but anything that can help the band I am happy to do......maybe it will eventually pay someday. LOL!

Tonight we are all going bowling. Eric and I are getting really good and I think that we are all going to start a League together. Its usually me, Eric, Drae, Shannon and Pete that go and our games are pretty good since we go at LEAST twice a week. It should be fun to be on a league.

Tomorrow night I have Eric's show. All day tomorrow we have to help Grams to get ready for her 2 month trip. She leaves on Sunday and I cant wait! No curfew...I dont have to sleep at home...and Eric can come and spend the night anytime he wants to.....I am also going to have a little party for my birthday...which should be interesting.

Sunday is just football day as usual....I love watching football...especially the REDSKINS! I know that they have no shot this year, but they did make an awesome comeback which is more than I can say for SOME teams!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and be safe!

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
3:22 pm - Just a funny!
In the dead of summer a fly was resting on a
leaf beside a lake. A hot, dry fly who said to
no one in particular, "Gosh...if I go down three
inches...I will feel the mist from the water and
I will be refreshed."

There was a fish in the water thinking, "Gosh...
if that fly goes down three inches I can eat him."

There was a bear on the shore thinking, "Gosh...
if that fly goes down three inches...that fish will
jump for the fly... and I will eat him."

It also happened that a hunter was farther up the
bank of the lake preparing to eat a cheese sandwich.
"Gosh," he thought, "If that fly goes down three inches...
and that fish leaps for it...that bear will expose himself
and grab for the fish. I'll shoot the bear and then have
a proper lunch."

You probably think this is enough activity for one bank
of a lake, but I can tell you there was more.

A wee mouse by the hunter's foot was thinking, "Gosh...
if that fly goes down three inches...and that fish jumps
for that fly...and that bear grabs for that fish...the dumb
hunter will shoot the bear and drop his cheese sandwich."

A cat lurking in the bushes took in this scene and thought,
as was fashionable to do on the banks of this particular
lake around lunch time, gosh...if that fly goes down three
inches... and that fish jumps for that fly... and that bear
grabs for that fish.. and that hunter shoots that bear... and
that mouse makes off with the cheese sandwich.... then I
can have mouse for lunch."

The poor fly is finally so hot and so dry that he heads down
for the cooling mist of the water...

The fish swallows the fly...
The bear grabs the fish...
The hunter shoots the bear...
The mouse grabs the cheese sandwich...
The cat jumps for the mouse...
The mouse ducks...
The cat falls into the water and drowns.

The moral of the story is....

Whenever a fly goes down three inches.....
Some pussy is probably in danger.

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12:40 pm - Another Day Another Dollar
Work sucks! I dont know how many times I say that and nothing gets better. People here are always on my ass for one thing or another. I know that I could do better, but for what they are paying me, I dont think that its really worth my time. I have been putting my resume out to a lot of other companies, but so far I havent gotten any bites. I just need to make more money. I was even thinking about moving to NYC with Eric in April. I have a job for sure there, so who knows. It seems that everything is up in the air right now. I can even move back to DC and get a job working with my Aunt. I am just playing things by ear right now.

Nothing much went on last night. I went over to Eric's house after work, but he was at guitar center with Pete. I started dinner and made Fajitas and he loved it! I was so excited because I am NOT a cook...and for someone to actually like something that I made is amazing. :)

We just sat around and watched TV and got stoned...just like always. He had to go to band practice at 11pm and I decided to go home and turn in early. It was nice to have a good nights sleep for once! I feel so refreshed!

Tonight I promised Grams that I was going to have dinner with her....so I wont be seeing Eric until later. I think that he has band practice again tonight from 11pm-1am which I think that I am going to go to. I love going to his practices...its like they are putting on a private show for me. I told grams that I was going to go bowling at around 8pm, but I think that I am going to skip it and go to band practice....maybe Eric and I can go bowling from 9pm-1030pm...its only a quarter a game tonight. We'll see what happens.

He and I have made a decision to move in together at the beginning of August. I have discussed it with my Dad, Kerry and Grams and they are all for it. I havent told my mother yet, for the simple fact that she is so far up the Lord's ass that she doesnt remember all of the 'un-holy' things that she has done in her life. If she doesnt like it....FUCK IT.

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002
1:36 pm - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I hope that everyone had a great New Year's Eve! I didnt do much...just went out to dinner with the parents and then home with Eric.....smoked a few bowls and just chilled and spent quality time with my baby! It was nice to spend a quiet evening alone.

Well my vacation was fun! I love going to see my parents! I ended up coming home Thursday instead of Sunday because they were going to be coming up here on Saturday so I figured that i would take advantage and stay with Eric for a couple of days. That was so nice! :) I know that its really soon, but he asked me to move in with him.....we'll see what happens. I am seriously thinking about it. We are always together anyhow...so I think that it would be more beneficial than not.

Anyways....I didnt get much for xmas...just money which is always a BONUS! I love getting money! Although, it has all been spent already. *sigh* I did get some nice stuff though.

Grandmama is leaving on Monday for 2 months! You dont KNOW how long I have been waiting for her to just high-tail it out of here! I cant wait to be alone. Its a hassle as it is going over to Eric's house without 20 million questions. THis will be a blessing!

Nothing much has been going on though. Pretty boring....cant wait to get out of here today! WORK SUCKS! TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!

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Friday, December 21st, 2001
4:36 pm - OH BOY OH BOY!

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9:16 am - HOORAH!

I cant wait until this day is over! I just have TONS to do before I can leave the office today. Unlike Randy, I cant get off four hours early.....my company sucks!

Soooooo.....last night I went to have Sushi with Eric and then we went to see Lord of the Rings! What an awesome movie! I am really glad that I have read the trilogy, because I know that there were some people in the theater that were a little disappointed at the ending. THey just dont understand that it is a series! It was exactly how I envisioned it in my head. I LOVED IT!

I dont think that I am going to get a chance to come on here much next week, but I will try to update as much as I can.....I am going to Virginia for Christmas to be with my parents for the first time in 3 years. It should be so much fun...I really miss seeing them. I get to come home 2 days early though because they are going to be coming up here for New Years....grams doesnt need to know that though...I will be staying with Eric for those 2 days. SHHHHHH! DONT TELL! He he!

Well, that would be all for me, and if I dont talk to any of you before the Holiday....HAVE A GREAT ONE!!!!! *huggles and smoocheroos*

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9:16 am - YAY!

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

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Thursday, December 20th, 2001
3:20 pm - FINALLY!
I am going to have to make this short since LJ screwed up my whole day. I usually update in the morning, but NO...they had to be screwy this morning. WHATEVER!

Anyhoo....last night was nothing special...work sucked as usual and I have tons of stuff to do before I am off all next week.

So after dinner at Piancones with the family we went to see the xmas lights at PNC Bank Arts Center. Before that my grams wanted to go see some homemade dinosaurs or something and we got really lost, which made me all freaked out because I was driving. One person was telling me to go one way while the other was telling me the total opposite. I had to pull over and smoke a cig becuase everyone was yelling. I HATE BACKSEAT DRIVERS! So we went to see the lights...big whoop!

So...my night was really blah, but tonight will be much better. Eric and I are going to see Lord of the Rings, courtesy of DAD! I cant wait...I have had a hellish 2 nights.

current mood: bitchy

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
9:15 am - *stretches*
Good Morning!

Ugh! I am so tired......I still didnt get to sleep until 315 this morning. Even though my mother is in town, I still managed to work my charms and got to go out. I have some pics that will be up soon and as soon as I get them, I will post them.

So we had our Christmas last night. I got a lot of nice stuff....new cordless phone with Caller ID and voicemail....some sweaters....a diamond necklace from my Grandmama. I am very happy with my stuff this year. :)

So I then decided to make my weekly trip to Bar A and it was horrible. I didnt feel well all night. I was sober and drinking water. My friends were completely obliterated, and me and my best friend Melissa got in a huge argument! It was packed....saw Eric there, and hung out with him for a while, but didnt get a chance to say goodbye because I didnt want to fight the crowd to get to the other side of the bar. I think I was just irritated...may have something to do with having my period....who knows.

AND to top it all off.....I SMELL LIKE 7-11....I HATE THAT!

current mood: moody

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2001
10:40 am - Sooooooooo tired.....
I think that this lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. I havent been going to bed until 230am every night for the past month and I think that I have finally hit bottom and am ready for a good nights sleep for once! I am really looking forward to being in bed at 11pm.

My mother and her husband are coming today for 2 days. We are going to celebrate our Christmas tonight since they will be in Connecticut and I will be in Virginia with my dad. I know that this sounds horrible, but I really dont want them to come. I get so bored and just dont want to be around them. BLAH! Theyre cutting into my social calendar, dammit! LOL

I didnt really do much last night. Eric and I went out to dinner and then just hung out....played scrabble and then Pete came over. Thats about it. Nothing special. Now I wont see him for 2 days. In the past month, I have seen him every day except for one.....*sigh* Then I have to leave him for a whole week next week. Oh well. It'll go fast!

Thats all I have for now......back to work....

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Monday, December 17th, 2001
10:23 am - Hells Yizzah!
You Have A Nice Ass

You must be doing something right. You have a nice ass and aren�t afraid to show it off. Keep up the good work!
Take Assman's Ass Test at Fire For Ice!
Quiz by fire4ice and Assman

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9:23 am - This weekend....
was a BLAST! I had the greatest time! Friday night Eric and I went to see my best friend Pete's band (Krypto-Jet) open up for American Hi Fi. They were really REALLY good! They had some minor sound problems, but everything seemed to work out in the end. They were swarmed by people asking for autographs and such. I really think that they are going to go far! So proud of my Petey!

On Saturday, Eric and I pretty much hung around all day....just going here and there. Nothing too special...a nice relaxing day together. We went for a walk on the boardwalk and then later we went driving around to look at Christmas lights....some people jsut go too crazy with these lights. Its unbelievable! Then he and I went to Bar A. Quite an interesting night.......Here are some pics!

Kat and Mesha

Bad Pic

'Hey Eric....Look at that!'

It WOULD have been a cute pic....


Evil Kitty!

One of my four Tats!

SOOOOO....that was Saturday night....needless to say, Eric woke up hugging the toilet on Sunday morning and I couldnt eat anything until about 2pm. We were a tad messy! HAHA!

Sunday after we started feeling a little better, we went shopping to get the last of my Christmas presents for my family. I realize that I have put absolutely no thought into the gifts that I bought this year, and it is so sad to see that not many people are into the Holiday Spirit this year. The malls arent packed as they should be and it just doesnt seem like Christmas at all. I guess we are all still healing......

Anyhoo...so then we went back to my house to wrap gifts and hang with Grams for a little while and watch the first half of the Skins game...they proceeded to take a dump on the field...I AM NOT HAPPY! So we went to get BBQ Chicken for dinner and pick up the money that Eric won for last weeks football pool....then we were off to go bowling! I didnt bowl too well last night....high score for me was a 137. BLAH! Oh well.....

Well, that was my weekend..... :)

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Friday, December 14th, 2001
11:14 am - Its been a loooooooooooong time....
I need to start updating again....there is so much that I want to write about, but just no time.....UGH! I will just start right here and right now and if any of you have any questions about who is who and what is what, just ask me....I am not going to go into any lengthy details.

So anyhoo....times have been wonderful...I loved being single and made the most out of it....I hate having to answer to people....BLAH. So the singleness is now over, and I guess that you could say that I have moved on to greener pastures....this was something that was quite unexpected and kind of hit me like a freight train. My friend Pete has been trying to hook me up with his friend for forever! So we finally did it on our own....no pressure....now we are inseperable. So great! :) I am very happy. I love my Eric.

I am still living with Grams, although I think that it is almost time to move out. She tried to GROUND me the other night! I am 23 years old.....WHEN DOES THE GROUNDING STOP???? LOL! She is really losing it! Every time I turn around she is mad at me for something. RAH! It gets so irritating!!!!!!! For example....she had her tile done the other day, and because they left the kitchen a mess it was MY FAULT! I had NOTHING to do with it! She's looney!

So I have decided to post some pictures of bar nights.....quite fun..... :)

Little Kat Backpack

Tracy, Kat, and Gleny

Kat and Mesha




So that is just a taste of Bar A. LOL! Randy wants me to post the thong.....but I dont know about that. :)

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Monday, October 1st, 2001
3:18 pm - Been a long time......but I have been in a fog.....
Here is something that I wrote today after returning from NYC last night. I just wanted to document everything that happened....not like I would ever forget, but its nice to be able to read......enjoy.

It was a beautiful day on 9-11-01...the last warm day of summer I might add. As I got into my car to head to work I had a feeling that this was much too perfect of a day, something is going to go wrong. I could just feel in my heart that something terribly wrong was going to happen, I just didnt know what.

I arrived at work at 8am as I always do, checked all my email accounts and picked up the mass quantities of papers from my inbox on my boss's desk. I flashed him my big good morning smile and went on my way. By now it was 8:45 or so and I realized that I needed to pull something out of the file cabinet that is just outside my office.

A woman that I work with and myself were rummaging through the file cabinet, talking about life, when one of the Analysts ran out of his office and told us that an airplane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. We somewhat shrugged him off, thinking that it was one of his usual practical jokes that he so often plays. 'Quit crying wolf', I said to him as I smiled and went back to what I was doing in the previous moments before. 'I'm serious', he responded while Denise shot him a 'thats not funny' look. He briskly walked over and grabbed both of our arms and huddled us around his radio and started to listen intently to the news report.

Tears stung my eyes as the report rambled on, informing the Citizens of the United States of America, that we were now under attack.

I ran frantically to the phone to contact my father, and as I did so, turned the radio on to 102.7 WNEW to listen further. I have never felt more comforted in my life at the moment I heard my father's voice on the phone. 'Did you hear what happened?', I babbled out breathlessly, and when his response was a quick, 'no', I proceeded to tell him in complete detail as to what happened that morning. My father works in Washington, DC and has offices in Crystal City, just blocks from the Pentagon, but at that moment we did not know that the Pentagon was the next target. 'Daddy, someone is doing this intentionally, and if I am right, be careful because DC is their next target if they get that far. Take care of you, I love you.' and I hung up.

In the course of speaking with my father for that short time, I had been informed that the second tower of the WTC had been hit. With my face white, I turned to a co-worker for comfort and strength, as I could not find it within me to do for myself. I had at that moment realized that one of my friends worked in Tower 2 WTC on the 105th floor. My heart hit the floor.

As I sat and listened intently, we then learned that the Pentagon was hit. The thoughts that were going through my head were those of hopelessness and despair. I ran to the phone again and tried to call my father, but to no avail. I tried to email, no answer. My body and mind went into a panic.

A couple of us from the office went across the street to watch it on TV, one on each side of me as I wept uncontrollably, comforting me as we walked. As soon as we set foot into the conference room, we saw the first tower fall. As the tower fell, I fell to my knees in utter disbelief. 'My friend works there', I sobbed while burying my head in my hands. Not even a hug could diminish the ache I felt inside my heart. I about died.

All I could think about were my friend and my father. Where were they? Were they safe? When will I hear from them, if ever again?

We got back to the office and I tried to phone my father again, and again, no luck. I was then told to go home, so I called my friend to come pick me up, since I was in no condition to drive, and she did.

I sat at home glued to the TV set, phone in my hand, waiting for some sort of word from my Dad or anyone who would know that he was okay. Finally, the phone rang at 2am.....He was okay! The feeling of relief was quickly replaced by sadness when the reality of everything sunk in once again. I still had not heard from my friend who worked in the WTC......and still have not. God rest her soul.

I cannot express to you or anyone, the images that are burned in my mind from that day. The images of the towers burning, falling, mass destruction everywhere. The sight of the Pentagon, the epicenter of our great nation, collapsed. Someone had taken away our innocence, our hearts were ripped out of our chests as we watched our great nation come under attack and we knew that life as we knew it, would never be the same.

Yet, as Americans, the values and lessons that we have learned, we bounced back and showed the true meaning of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...and for that, I am proud to be an American.

To all my fellow Americans, GOD BLESS YOU!

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